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Itemized billing

Now more and more hair salons should start to adopt itemized billing. That is to say, each consumer product item will be clearly marked and listed separately. In other words, you only need to pay if you operate.

Daily care after dyeing hair

Add more moisturizing ingredients to help hair hydrate, replenish nutrients, reduce water loss, and easily repair damaged hair; once the hair retains enough water, it will become less prone to damage, healthier, and of course the hair color will also be maintained More saturated and long-lasting.


Since I am a bit of an atheist, I had a small chat with my Christian friends last night. In order to correct that history is always written for those who believe in him, I would like to elaborate on Satanism, which has always been regarded as a deadly enemy.
Type-C 快充

Type-C fast charge

With the advancement of society, mobile phones are used more and more frequently. Everyone should have the experience of [charging is very slow]. Most of them are not familiar with the charging and discharging of electronic products, and the current and wattage issues, resulting in many random purchases on the road. No-name charging heads or cables charge very slowly because they use bad cores and the power is not enough.
世界杯足球賽之後 MNM 連線

MNM Connect after World Cup

PSG Paris Saint-Germain Football Club currently has Messi, Mbappe and Neymar three forwards, that is, the main players of the 2022 World Cup champions and runners-up. , A legendary star who can pass the ball is really super dreamy.

conditioner, hair care

A few days ago, a customer specifically asked me, he bought hair care products, how often should he do it, how long should he stay, and how to make it the most convenient, fast and effective, and how long to do it better kind.

SSD memory

Because there are many small moving parts in the traditional large hard disk HDD such as heads, shafts, and rotating platters, it is easy to fail, and your important data may disappear. With fewer moving parts, SSDs are more durable, operate without overheating, and are more energy efficient. Think of SSDs as large USB flash drives, and the technology behind them is the same.

CUT OF LIFE (4) Secrets agents won't tell you

In fact, in the world of cosmetics, as long as it is stored in a cool and cool place at low temperature, it can be stored for a long time, as long as it is used within one year after opening! In accordance with Taiwan regulations, the product must be marked with an expiration date, so the warehouse will affix the expiration date before shipment. I don’t know if you noticed, but it’s a sticker with an expiry date! !
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